Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download my .gedcom file?

Here are some “how to” videos for getting your .gedcom file out of your software program.

How do I upload my file to Google Drive?

Here’s a quick “how to” video.

Is there a quick way to search the database?

There is a filter box at the top of the page. You can filter using any (or all) options, eg surname, first name, event or place.

How safe is my email address?

We take privacy (and spam) very seriously.  Your email address is hidden from everyone.  When a potential connection finds you, they send a message to you through our system and are totally unaware of your email address.  It’s then up to you whether you reply or not.

Can I upload my data in bulk?

Yes. Simply go here and upload your .gedcom file.

What names can I add to the site?

You can add anyone who is part of your (or your partner’s) family tree, eg.

  • 6th great grandfather
  • 2nd cousin 3 times removed
  • 8th great aunt


What if I forget my password?

If you forget or need to reset your password, go to and click the “Forgot Password” link.

How do I update my email address?

Send us an email with your currently listed details and the new one you want to change it to.

Do I need a certificate to add the information?

No you don’t.  If you add a record that is proven to be incorrect down the track, you can edit your entry.

How recent can my submissions be?

For privacy reasons, we will be enforcing the following:

  • Births – 100 years
  • Marriages – 100 years
  • Deaths – 50 years
Can I add a name if the exact details are already listed?

Absolutely.  Chances are, you may have just found a connection.  And if a 3rd person comes along with the same details, you want to be able to connect with them also.

Got a question?

We're here to help.  Check out our FAQs or send us an email.